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What is Rogers 3003 PCB?

Rogers 3003 PCB manufacturing. RO3003 laminates offer excellent stability of dielectric constant (Dk) over various temperatures and frequencies. This stability also includes the elimination of the step change in Dk that typically occurs near room temperature with PTFE glass materials. This is ideal for applications including automotive radar (77 GHz), advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and 5G wireless infrastructure (mmWave).


  • Dk of 3.00 +/- .04
  • Dissipation factor of .0010 at 10 GHz
  • Low X, Y and Z axis CTE of 17, 16 and 25 ppm/°C, respectively


  • Low Dk loss allows for use in applications up to 77 GHz
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Economical laminate pricing

Rogers 3003 PCB, as a packaging substrate, plays a vital role in the electronics industry. It uses Rogers3003 material produced by Rogers Corporation. This material has a series of excellent properties, making Rogers3003 PCB the first choice for high frequency and microwave applications.

Rogers3003 PCB is a special packaging substrate whose material is different from traditional FR-4 materials. Rogers3003 material has excellent dielectric properties and thermal stability, which makes it excellent in high frequency applications. Compared with conventional FR-4, Rogers3003 PCB can better adapt to complex circuit designs and harsh working environments.

The manufacturing process of Rogers3003 PCB differs from other packaging substrates due to its unique requirement for Rogers3003 material and specialized processing steps. These steps encompass material pre-treatment, lamination, molding, and surface treatment, all necessitating stringent control to guarantee the quality and performance of the end product. Rogers3003 PCB, essentially a high-performance packaging substrate, is crafted from Rogers3003 material renowned for its exceptional dielectric properties and thermal stability. Its extensive application in high-frequency and microwave domains infuses fresh momentum into the advancement of the electronics industry.

What are the advantages of Rogers 3003 PCB?

Exceptional High-Frequency Performance: Utilizing Rogers3003 material from Rogers Corporation, this PCB boasts low loss and dispersion characteristics, ensuring optimal performance in high-frequency applications across sectors like communications, aerospace, and medical technology.

Superior Thermal Stability: With an ability to endure prolonged operation in high-temperature environments, Rogers3003 PCB maintains stable performance under extreme conditions. This makes it particularly suited for applications such as satellite communication systems in aerospace.

Effortless Processability: Rogers3003 PCB offers easy processing and shaping, accommodating complex design specifications with ease. This flexibility enables manufacturers to realize intricate designs and cater to diverse customer requirements, be it in communication or medical equipment.

High Reliability: Crucial in various scenarios, the reliability of electronic equipment is assured with Rogers3003 PCB. Its stable performance and excellent material properties guarantee highly dependable solutions, be it for spacecraft in harsh environments or precision medical devices demanding utmost stability.

Overall, Rogers3003 PCB emerges as the preferred choice across industries, delivering exceptional high-frequency performance, thermal stability, processability, and reliability. Whether in communications, aerospace, or medical fields, it serves as a robust foundation for electronic equipment, bolstering both performance and dependability.

Why choose Ro 3003 PCB?

The Rogers3003 PCB is a preferred choice in the electronics industry for several compelling reasons. Its standout feature lies in its exceptional high-frequency performance, a crucial attribute given the escalating demand for such capabilities in communication, radar, and satellite fields. Utilizing materials from Rogers Corporation, this PCB offers low loss and dispersion characteristics, ensuring optimal performance in high-frequency applications and making it a top pick for electronic equipment manufacturers.

Another notable advantage of the Rogers3003 PCB is its impressive thermal stability. In the operational lifespan of electronic devices, temperature variations can detrimentally impact performance or even lead to equipment failure. However, the Rogers3003 PCB exhibits remarkable thermal stability, enabling consistent performance across diverse temperature ranges and thriving in demanding working environments.

Furthermore, the Rogers3003 PCB boasts excellent processability, enhancing flexibility throughout the design and manufacturing stages. Whether it’s a straightforward circuit board or a sophisticated multi-layered design, this substrate accommodates various requirements, providing ample opportunities for innovation within the electronics industry.

Overall, the Rogers3003 PCB stands out for its outstanding high-frequency performance, robust thermal stability, and adaptable processability, making it a favored choice in packaging substrates for the electronics sector. As technology progresses and market demands evolve, its significance in driving the continued advancement of the electronics industry remains paramount.

Rogers 3003 PCB

Rogers 3003 PCB

What is the manufacturing process of Rogers 3003 PCB?

The manufacturing process of Rogers3003 PCB involves several intricate steps with meticulous attention to detail and quality control measures. It begins with the procurement of necessary materials, including Rogers3003 substrates and auxiliary components like copper foil, all of which must meet specified standards and be processed according to design requirements.

Following material preparation, the lamination process ensues, where layers are pressed together under controlled conditions of pressure, temperature, and time to form the substrate structure with precise hierarchy and thickness. Subsequently, the formed substrate undergoes shaping through cutting and contour machining, utilizing advanced equipment to ensure accuracy and uniformity.

Surface treatment and trimming constitute the next phase, aiming to refine the substrate’s surface flatness and smoothness through cutting, grinding, and polishing techniques. Finally, the substrate receives surface treatment to enhance its electrical performance and resistance to corrosion, which may involve the application of metal coatings or special materials.

Each stage of the Rogers3003 PCB manufacturing process demands stringent quality control measures and exacting precision to ensure the final product meets the required standards for performance and reliability. This process epitomizes advanced technology and rigorous standards, providing high-performance packaging substrate solutions for the electronics industry.

In what fields is Rogers3003 PCB used?

As a high-performance packaging substrate, Rogers3003 PCB is widely used in various industries. Below we will introduce its specific application scenarios in different fields:

The Rogers3003 PCB is extensively utilized in the field of communication, particularly in wireless communication base stations and antenna systems. Its outstanding high-frequency characteristics and stable performance make it an ideal option for manufacturing high-performance communication equipment. In applications such as mobile phone base stations, microwave communication systems, and satellite communications, the Rogers3003 PCB ensures reliable signal transmission and stable operational performance.

The aerospace sector relies heavily on advanced materials and reliable circuitry, making the Rogers3003 PCB a preferred choice. It is essential for radar systems, satellite communications, avionics, and other applications due to its high-frequency capabilities and thermal resilience, enhancing equipment reliability and performance stability.

In medical equipment and medical image transmission systems, circuit boards must possess high-frequency characteristics and stable performance to ensure equipment accuracy and reliability. The exceptional performance of the Rogers3003 PCB makes it a preferred material in the medical industry. For instance, in equipment like MRI devices, ultrasound sensors, and medical imaging systems, the Rogers3003 PCB provides excellent signal transmission and stable operational performance, meeting the high-performance circuit board requirements of the medical industry.

Apart from the mentioned fields, the Rogers3003 PCB finds widespread use in the military industry, automotive electronics, industrial control, and other sectors. In these domains, where reliable, stable, and high-performance circuit boards are essential, the Rogers3003 PCB meets these criteria and provides dependable circuit solutions for various application scenarios.

In summary, the Rogers3003 PCB boasts a broad range of applications in communication, aerospace, medical, and other industries. Its outstanding performance characteristics and stability position it as the primary material for various high-performance electronic devices, offering robust support for the development and innovation across diverse industries.

Where can I find the Rogers3003 PCB?

For those seeking to obtain high-quality Rogers3003 PCBs, finding the right supplier is crucial. The following will introduce some ways to find Rogers3003 PCB and methods to obtain related product information.

It’s crucial to begin by familiarizing oneself with the official channels for the product. For Rogers3003 PCB, the primary source of detailed product information and technical assistance is Rogers Corporation’s official website. Here, you can access comprehensive details about the PCB’s specifications, performance metrics, applicable industries, and more. Moreover, the official website may provide avenues for direct purchasing or guide you to authorized distributors.

Secondly, contacting a certified distributor is also a feasible approach. These distributors usually have established cooperative relationships with Rogers Corporation and can provide the latest product information, technical support, and competitive prices. By working with distributors, you can get the Rogers3003 PCB you need more conveniently and get professional advice and service.

In addition to online channels, participating in industry exhibitions and technical seminars on the spot is also an effective way to learn about Rogers3003 PCB. At these events, you can interact directly with manufacturers and distributors, ask questions, learn about the latest industry trends, and gain insight into Rogers3003 PCB application areas.

For major electronics companies, reaching out to Rogers Corporation or its approved suppliers directly can offer tailored services to meet specific needs, ensuring product quality and reliability. When sourcing Rogers3003 PCBs, it’s crucial to select suppliers with stellar reputations and extensive experience. Assessing customer reviews, company history, and service quality aids in making informed decisions and securing products from trustworthy sources. In essence, accessing Rogers3003 PCBs through official channels, certified distributors, industry events, or direct manufacturer contact enables obtaining high-quality boards tailored to project requirements, ensuring successful implementation.

What is the price of Rogers 3003 PCB?

The price of Rogers3003 PCB is influenced by several factors, primarily driven by material costs and the complex manufacturing process. The superior performance of Rogers3003 material contributes to its higher cost compared to standard substrates. The manufacturing process requires precision and rigorous quality control, which increases production costs, particularly in applications demanding high accuracy and stability, such as high-frequency and microwave scenarios.

Market dynamics, including supply and demand, are crucial in determining the price of Rogers3003 PCB. Increased demand may lead suppliers to raise prices for greater profits, while a surplus in supply could result in price stability or even a decrease. Therefore, market conditions play a significant role.

Customers should not solely focus on product price but also consider additional factors such as supplier reputation, service quality, and delivery time. Some suppliers offer customized solutions and technical support, providing better overall value and experience, even if the price is slightly higher.

In summary, the pricing of Rogers3003 PCB is intricately linked to material costs, manufacturing intricacies, and market dynamics. Customers should carefully weigh these factors, opting for reputable and cost-effective suppliers that align with their specific requirements and budget constraints.

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Where can I find Rogers 3003 PCB?

Rogers3003 PCB is available through multiple suppliers, including the official channels of Rogers Corporation and certified distributors. Customers can obtain product information and quotes through the official website or by directly contacting suppliers.

Where can I find Rogers3003 PCB?

Rogers3003 PCB is available from multiple suppliers, including official channels of Rogers Corporation and certified distributors. Customers can obtain product information and quotes through the official website or by directly contacting suppliers.

Where can I find Rogers3003 PCB?

Rogers3003 PCB is available from multiple suppliers, including Rogers Corporation’s official channels and certified distributors. Customers can obtain product information and quotes through the official website or by directly contacting suppliers.

Where can I find Rogers3003 PCB?

Rogers3003 PCB can be sourced from authorized distributors of Rogers Corporation or directly from the company’s official channels. Customers can also reach out to certified suppliers or contact Rogers Corporation for product inquiries, specifications, and quotations.

How much does Rogers3003 PCB cost?

The cost of Rogers3003 PCB may vary depending on factors such as specifications, quantities, and supplier pricing policies. Customers can request quotations from suppliers or directly inquire about pricing through Rogers Corporation’s official channels.



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