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What is Rogers 3035 PCB?

Rogers 3035 PCB Provider.  RO3035 high frequency laminates are part of the RO3000® series of materials. These mechanically similar materials have differing dielectric constants (Dk) and allow designers to develop multi-layer board designs without warping or decreased reliability. RO3035 laminates provide design solutions for 5G, millimeter wave sub 6GHz and massive MiMo applications.


  • Dk of 3.50 +/-.05
  • Dissipation factor of .0015 at 10 GHz
  • Low X, Y and Z axis CTE of 17, 17 and 24 ppm/°C, respectively


  • Can be used in applications up to 30-40 GHz
  • Lower operating temperature and increased reliability in power amplifiers
  • Multi-site production, global availability
  • Available with rolled copper

The Rogers3035 PCB is a specialized printed circuit board utilizing Rogers Corporation’s 3035 series materials, renowned for their exceptional high-frequency performance and dielectric properties. This PCB variant garners significant attention due to its ability to support higher frequencies with minimal signal loss, ensuring reliable data transmission. Its superior dielectric properties contribute to enhanced signal integrity, minimizing distortion and interference, thereby optimizing system performance. Widely adopted across communication, aerospace, medical, and other high-frequency domains, the Rogers3035 PCB is indispensable for applications demanding stringent signal transmission quality and stability. In fields like communications, it finds utility in fabricating antennas and base stations, facilitating high-speed data transmission and robust communication links. Overall, the Rogers3035 PCB is instrumental in high-frequency applications, elevating electronic equipment performance while bolstering product reliability and stability across diverse application landscapes.

What types of Rogers 3035 PCB are there?

There are several types of Rogers3035 PCBs, primarily categorized into single-layer, double-layer, and multi-layer boards. Each type differs slightly in structure and application but maintains the advantageous characteristics of Rogers 3035 material.

Single-layer boards are the most basic, comprising only one substrate layer. They are suitable for simple circuit designs and low-complexity applications, often found in inexpensive electronic devices like household appliances and toys.

Double-layer boards offer higher flexibility and performance compared to single-layer ones. They consist of two substrate layers with a dielectric layer in between, allowing for more complex circuit designs and accommodating more electronic components. They are commonly used in medium-complexity applications such as consumer electronics and industrial control systems.

Multilayer boards are the most complex, featuring multiple layers of substrates and dielectric layers stacked alternately. They provide superior integration and electrical properties, capable of accommodating numerous electronic components and intricate circuit designs.

Rogers3035 material serves as the substrate for single-layer, double-layer, and multi-layer boards, guaranteeing superior high-frequency performance and dielectric properties across all configurations. Its utilization in PCBs makes it the preferred choice for a diverse array of high-performance electronic equipment, playing a pivotal role in enhancing product stability and reliability.

What is the manufacturing process of Rogers 3035 PCB?

The manufacturing process of Rogers3035 PCB involves multiple key steps, from material selection to final inspection and testing, each link is crucial. Below we will introduce this process step by step to give you a clearer understanding of how Rogers3035 PCB is manufactured.

The manufacturing process of Rogers3035 PCBs commences with meticulous material selection, crucial for ensuring high performance and quality. Rogers Corporation’s 3035 series materials are specifically chosen by manufacturers to meet stringent standards. Following material selection, a team of engineers undertakes PCB design and layout using CAD software, tailoring the board structure to meet customer specifications and engineering standards.

Once the design phase is complete, manufacturing and processing begin. This involves transferring the board image to the substrate and bonding multiple layers together through methods like chemical etching or mechanical processing. Strict control over parameters such as temperature, pressure, and time is essential to guarantee board quality and performance.

The last crucial stage entails examining and testing the completed product. Diverse techniques such as X-ray inspection, microscopy, and electrical testing are utilized to guarantee that every aspect of the PCB complies with design specifications and industry benchmarks. It is only after successfully passing thorough inspection and testing that the PCB can be certified for delivery to clients.

Overall, the manufacturing process of Rogers3035 PCBs is intricate and requires highly skilled professionals, stringent quality control, and precise execution. By carefully selecting materials, designing, manufacturing, and inspecting with precision, manufacturers can produce high-performance, top-quality Rogers3035 PCBs to satisfy diverse customer needs and applications.

In what fields is Rogers 3035 PCB used?

Rogers3035 PCB, renowned for its high performance and stability, finds extensive application across diverse sectors, notably in communications, aerospace, and medical domains. In communications, it serves as a cornerstone in various equipment like mobile base stations, satellite communication gear, and optical fiber systems, owing to its adeptness in supporting intricate circuit architectures and high-frequency transmissions, ensuring steadfast operation even in challenging environments. In aerospace, Rogers3035 PCB is integral to high-performance electronic systems such as spacecraft, satellites, and navigation devices, meeting stringent demands for stability and reliability with its exceptional high-frequency characteristics and thermal resilience. Within the medical realm, it’s a staple in equipment like medical imaging and life monitoring devices, where precise signal transmission and stability are paramount; here, its superior dielectric properties and signal integrity prove invaluable, complemented by its ability to withstand elevated temperatures, thus catering to the diverse operational settings of medical equipment. Overall, Rogers3035 PCB stands as a linchpin technology in these sectors, providing indispensable support for their advancement and evolution through its consistent performance and reliability.

Rogers 3035 PCB Provider

Rogers 3035 PCB Provider

How to get Rogers 3035 PCB?

To acquire Rogers3035 PCBs, there are several channels available for procurement. Selecting the right supplier is crucial due to the significance of this high-performance printed circuit board.

One primary avenue for obtaining Rogers3035 PCBs is through PCB manufacturers. These manufacturers boast advanced production equipment and technology, enabling them to tailor the production of Rogers3035 PCBs to meet specific customer requirements. Collaborating with manufacturers affords customers the benefits of customized services and superior product quality.

Electronic component suppliers are also another way to obtain Rogers3035 PCBs. Many suppliers offer various types of PCBs in their product lines, including Rogers3035 PCBs. By working with these suppliers, you can directly purchase the Rogers3035 PCB you need, simplifying the procurement process.

As your supplier, we specialize in offering high-quality Rogers3035 PCBs. With extensive experience and a professional team, we stand at the forefront of PCB manufacturing. Our services include tailored solutions, competitive pricing, and prompt delivery. Additionally, you can explore online marketplaces for Rogers3035 PCB procurement, facilitating product comparison and quote assessment from various suppliers. Regardless of your choice, it’s crucial to collaborate with a dependable supplier to guarantee the reliability, consistency, and suitability of your Rogers3035 PCBs.

What factors affect the quotation of Rogers 3035 PCB?

The quotation of Rogers3035 PCB is influenced by a variety of factors. Understanding these factors is critical to estimating project costs and obtaining the best quote. The following are the main factors affecting Rogers3035 PCB quotation:

Selecting an appropriate board material stands as a critical determinant in the cost assessment of Rogers3035 PCBs. Rogers3035 series, renowned for its exceptional high-frequency performance and dielectric properties, typically constitutes the preferred choice due to its attributes. However, varying brands and models of substrates entail distinct costs, thereby directly impacting the ultimate quotation for the PCB project.

The design complexity of PCB is another important factor affecting the quotation. Design complexity includes factors such as number of layers, board thickness, aperture, line width/line spacing, etc. Complex designs typically require more processes and materials, thus resulting in higher costs. In addition, special requirements such as blind vias, buried vias, controlled impedance, etc. will also increase manufacturing difficulty and cost.

Production quantity is one of the important factors affecting Rogers3035 PCB quotation. Typically, mass production results in lower unit prices because production costs can be spread over more products. In contrast, the cost of small batch production will be relatively high. Therefore, the expected order volume needs to be taken into account when quoting to obtain the most competitive price.

The final quotation for Rogers3035 PCBs is contingent upon various factors, such as board selection, design intricacy, production volume, and technical specifications. Customer-specific technical requirements, such as special surface treatments, impedance control, and pad coverage, can significantly impact manufacturing costs. Therefore, it’s essential to clearly outline these technical specifications when soliciting quotes from suppliers. By understanding and communicating these factors effectively during the inquiry process, you can secure the most competitive quote and facilitate a seamless project execution.

Rogers 3035 PCB Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can one acquire Rogers3035 PCB for their projects?

Rogers3035 PCB can be obtained through various channels, including PCB manufacturers and electronic component suppliers. These sources offer a range of options to meet specific project requirements.

How can I obtain Rogers3035 PCBs?

Rogers3035 PCBs can be sourced from various channels including PCB manufacturers, electronic component suppliers, and specialized distributors.

What are the different types of Rogers3035 PCB available?

Rogers3035 PCB comes in various types including single-layer, double-layer, and multi-layer configurations. Each type offers specific advantages depending on the application requirements and complexity of the design.

How does Rogers3035 PCB differ from other PCB materials?

Rogers3035 PCB stands out due to its exceptional high-frequency performance and superior dielectric properties compared to traditional materials like FR-4. It offers better signal integrity, lower loss tangent, and excellent stability even in high-temperature environments.

What factors affect the pricing of Rogers3035 PCB?

Several factors influence the pricing of Rogers3035 PCB, including the choice of substrate thickness, complexity of the design, required layer count, and order volume. Generally, higher specifications and customization may lead to higher costs. 


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