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What is Rogers 4835T PCB?

Rogers 4835T PCB manufacture. RO4835 laminates are a low loss material that offer low cost circuit fabrication, compatible with standard epoxy/glass (FR-4) processes. These laminates are available with Rogers proprietary LoPro® Reverse treated copper foil, ideal for applications requiring low insertion loss.


  • RoHS compliant for applications requiring UL 94 V-0
  • IPC-4103 compliant
  • Dielectric constant (Dk) of 3.48 +/- .05
  • Dissipation factor of 0.0037 at 10 GHz


  • Ten times improved oxidation resistance, compared to traditional thermoset laminates
  • Superior high frequency application compatibility due to excellent electrical performance
  • No blistering or delamination
  • Reliable Plated through Hole (PTH) construction

Rogers 4835T PCB is a highly advanced Package Substrate that plays a key role in the electronics field. This special circuit board stands out for its excellent performance and material properties, making it the first choice for many electronic engineering projects.

The Rogers 4835T PCB holds a crucial role in the realm of electronic engineering, showcasing remarkable prowess in high-frequency and microwave applications owing to its sophisticated materials and design. Widely employed in communication equipment, radar systems, satellite communications, and similar domains, this circuit board stands out for its exceptional attributes, making it a preferred choice for high-performance projects.

Renowned for its outstanding high-frequency performance, the Rogers 4835T PCB is particularly indispensable in applications dealing with extensive data and intricate signals. Its low-loss characteristics play a pivotal role in ensuring the stability of signal transmission, thereby empowering electronic devices to deliver optimal performance even in challenging environments.

Thermal stability is a crucial consideration in modern electronic devices. Rogers 4835T PCB effectively solves the thermal problems generated in high-power applications through its excellent thermal conductivity, ensuring that the equipment maintains stable performance over long periods of operation.

The Rogers 4835T PCB stands out from traditional Package Substrate options by offering enhanced design flexibility for engineers. Its unique materials enable a more compact and integrated design, providing ample space for innovative solutions. The board’s stable performance ensures reliable equipment operation.

Widely utilized in the communications sector, the Rogers 4835T PCB also holds a significant role in medical, aerospace, and various other industries. Its versatility allows it to meet the diverse requirements of different sectors, making it well-suited for cross-industry applications.

In essence, the Rogers 4835T PCB transcends its role as a mere Package Substrate; it represents a technological breakthrough in electronic engineering. Its outstanding performance and adaptability support the modern high-tech field across various applications.

What are the features of Rogers 4835T PCB?

As an advanced Package Substrate, Rogers 4835T PCB has attracted much attention in electronic engineering for its unique characteristics. This article will take an in-depth look at the high-frequency performance, low losses and excellent thermal stability of Rogers 4835T PCB to reveal its potential value in different projects.

The Rogers 4835T PCB boasts a remarkable high-frequency performance, making it particularly advantageous for applications like electronic communications and radar systems that necessitate the processing of high-frequency signals. Its use of high-performance materials enables effective handling of such signals, ensuring stability and accuracy in signal transmission. This feature positions the Rogers 4835T PCB as a reliable choice for high-frequency applications, particularly in wireless communications and radar technology.

The Rogers 4835T PCB possesses a noteworthy characteristic in its minimal signal transmission loss, a critical feature in electronic devices, particularly in high-frequency and microwave applications. The exceptional material properties of this PCB, such as those found in wireless sensor networks and mobile communication devices, contribute to a reduction in energy loss during signal transmission, ultimately enhancing overall system efficiency.

Furthermore, the Rogers 4835T PCB distinguishes itself with outstanding thermal stability. In environments characterized by elevated temperatures, the stability and reliability of electronic equipment become paramount. The unique material composition of the Rogers 4835T PCB enables it to maintain consistent performance across a broad temperature range. This quality makes it highly suitable for demanding applications in fields like aerospace and automotive electronics, where extreme temperature conditions are prevalent.

These unique characteristics provide a wide range of application prospects for a variety of electronic projects, but when selecting, it is important to carefully consider the project needs to ensure that it best meets the design requirements.

What are the advantages of Rogers 4835T PCB?

As a high-performance Package Substrate, Rogers 4835T PCB has many excellent advantages compared to traditional Package Substrate, providing unique value for electronic engineering projects. Here’s a closer look at its key benefits:

The Rogers 4835T PCB is renowned for its minimal transmission loss, making it a critical choice for high-frequency and microwave applications. Unlike traditional Package Substrates that often result in significant energy losses during signal transmission, the Rogers 4835T PCB excels in reducing these losses. This is achieved through meticulous material selection and advanced manufacturing processes.

In the realm of electronic design, maintaining signal integrity is crucial for preserving the original form and quality of signals during transmission. The Rogers 4835T PCB distinguishes itself from conventional package substrates by exhibiting outstanding signal integrity. Its superior high-frequency performance and advanced manufacturing processes effectively ensure signal stability and accuracy, especially in intricate and high-frequency circuit designs.

In electronic device design, effective thermal management is a critical consideration, particularly in applications with high power density and performance demands. In contrast to traditional package substrates, the Rogers 4835T PCB showcases impressive thermal conductivity properties. This capability allows it to efficiently dissipate generated heat, ensuring that the electronic device operates within an acceptable temperature range. The outcome is optimal performance and reliability in challenging operational environments, thereby guaranteeing the stability of electronic equipment.

Rogers 4835T PCB provides greater design flexibility, giving engineers more freedom to achieve their design goals in their projects. Its superior performance characteristics mean designers can better control signal transmission and heat dissipation to better adapt to the needs of different applications.

Overall, Rogers 4835T PCB provides an excellent solution for electronic engineers with its low transmission loss, high signal integrity and excellent thermal conductivity compared to traditional Package Substrate. In projects that seek high performance, high reliability and design flexibility, choosing Rogers 4835T PCB may be an ideal option. Its performance in high-frequency and microwave applications makes it one of the most popular Package Substrates in the current electronic field.

Rogers 4835T PCB

Rogers 4835T PCB

Why Choose Rogers 4835T PCB?

Rogers 4835T PCB is popular in high frequency and microwave applications mainly due to its unique material properties. High-frequency environments place extremely high demands on circuit board performance, and Rogers 4835T PCB stands out for its low loss, high signal integrity and excellent thermal conductivity. This makes it widely used in fields such as communication equipment, radar systems and satellite communications.

However, it is crucial for design engineers to choose whether a Rogers 4835T PCB is suitable for their specific project. A key consideration is whether it provides greater design flexibility. Rogers 4835T PCB is known for its high degree of plasticity and adaptability, able to meet the needs of various complex electronic designs.

In this regard, Rogers 4835T PCB once again shows its advantages. Its manufacturing process uses advanced technology and precision craftsmanship to ensure that each board meets high standards of quality requirements. This not only ensures stable performance but also reduces the risk of failure in practical applications. For projects with stringent reliability requirements, choosing Rogers 4835T PCB can be a trustworthy decision.

Taking all factors into account, the selection of Rogers 4835T PCB over alternative package substrates hinges on the unique requirements of the project. Renowned for its outstanding performance in high-frequency and microwave applications, this substrate has established a strong reputation. Its versatility and reliability further enhance its suitability across a broad spectrum of applications. Engineers in pursuit of top-notch performance, design adaptability, and dependability may find the Rogers 4835T PCB to be a highly attractive solution.

What is the manufacturing process of Rogers 4835T PCB?

The production of Rogers 4835T PCB, a widely utilized substrate in the electronic industry, is characterized by a meticulous manufacturing process that relies on advanced technology. The initial phase involves the deployment of cutting-edge, highly automated production lines equipped with the latest tools and machinery. This incorporation of advanced technology not only enhances production efficiency but also guarantees consistent and repeatable product outcomes.

An essential aspect of the manufacturing process is the utilization of special high-performance materials specifically chosen for their exceptional electrical properties, thermal stability, and mechanical characteristics. The careful selection of these materials is paramount to ensuring that the final product adheres to stringent quality standards, contributing significantly to the outstanding performance of Rogers 4835T PCB.

In the manufacturing process of Rogers 4835T PCB, a lamination process is used. The multi-layer design allows more circuits to be accommodated on a small-sized board, improving board integration. The application of lamination process not only gives Rogers 4835T PCB higher performance, but also increases the reliability of the board.

In the realm of crafting Rogers 4835T PCBs, precision becomes the maestro orchestrating an intricate symphony. CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) tools take center stage as artisans meticulously sculpt complex circuit diagrams and hierarchical structures. This intentional and careful approach ensures that each board emerges as a precise reflection of the design, leaving minimal room for errors in the manufacturing ballet.

The heartbeat of this production choreography lies in the unwavering pursuit of high standards, guided by the vigilant gaze of rigorous quality control. At every turn in the production journey, stringent checks and tests stand as guardians, ensuring the final product embodies uniformity and reliability. From evaluating electrical performance to assessing thermal stability, and conducting thorough inspections of structural integrity and visual aesthetics, each facet undergoes a scrupulous examination. This all-encompassing quality control framework stands as the vigilant protector, upholding the inherent excellence woven into every Rogers 4835T PCB crafted.

The manufacturing process mentioned above is not only to ensure the high quality of Rogers 4835T PCB, but also to ensure its feasibility in various projects. The precision and high standards of this manufacturing process make Rogers 4835T PCB capable of meeting the requirements of various complex projects, thereby meeting the needs of engineers and designers in different fields.

Overall, the Rogers 4835T PCB manufacturing process incorporates advanced technology, precision material selection, lamination processes, graphic fabrication and strict quality control. This series of measures together ensures high performance and reliability of the final product, making Rogers 4835T PCB an ideal choice for many electronic projects.

How does the Rogers 4835T PCB perform in real-world applications?

Rogers 4835T PCB, as an advanced substrate, has found extensive applications in various industries such as communications, medical, aerospace, and more. In the realm of communications, where stringent demands for high-frequency performance and signal integrity prevail, Rogers 4835T PCB distinguishes itself with its exceptional attributes of low loss and high-frequency characteristics. This makes it a standout choice for communication equipment in your specific project.

Moving on to the medical field, Rogers 4835T PCB has garnered widespread recognition for its application in medical equipment. Given the stringent requirements for the reliability and stability of electronic components in medical devices, the outstanding performance of Rogers 4835T PCB positions it as the preferred substrate for a diverse range of medical equipment in your unique project.

Rogers 4835T PCB is highly regarded in aerospace projects for its thinness, high strength and excellent thermal conductivity. So, in your aerospace project,

Considering these broad areas of application, from communications to medical to aerospace, there seems to be no doubt about the superior performance of Rogers 4835T PCB. But the key thing is, when it comes to integrating into your unique project,

Perhaps, through in-depth communication and cooperation with Rogers 4835T PCB suppliers, you can better understand its applicability in specific projects. Learn about the technical support and custom solutions available from suppliers to ensure the Rogers 4835T PCB is the perfect fit for your project requirements.

Overall, the Rogers 4835T PCB demonstrates excellent performance in a wide range of applications, but in your actual project, the key is to deeply understand how it adapts to the unique needs of the project. By working with a professional supplier, you may be able to find that Rogers 4835T PCB is ideal for improving the performance and stability of your project.

Where to find Rogers 4835T PCB?

Finding a high-quality Rogers 4835T PCB supplier for your project is a critical step in ensuring success. Below are some trustworthy channels to help you find excellent manufacturers and suppliers.

The Professional Electronics Market emerges as a premier choice for locating high-quality suppliers specializing in Rogers 4835T PCBs. This marketplace serves as a centralized hub, uniting a diverse array of electronic component suppliers with a specific emphasis on exceptional PCB manufacturing. Within this market, you have the opportunity to assess and compare offerings from multiple providers, streamlining the process of selecting a supplier that precisely matches your individual requirements.

These platforms provide comprehensive information about various suppliers, including details on their product range, quality certifications, and customer reviews. Leveraging these online resources allows for efficient screening and direct communication with potential Rogers 4835T PCB suppliers.

Active participation in online forums and communities within the electronics industry presents another effective avenue for discovering reliable Rogers 4835T PCB suppliers. Engaging with fellow engineers and professionals in these communities facilitates the exchange of advice, experiences, and recommendations. This collective sharing of information proves invaluable in identifying suppliers with a consistent track record of reliable quality and positive reputations.

Exploring supplier directories and databases within the electronics industry can offer comprehensive insights into manufacturers, encompassing details such as operational scale, product range, and quality control benchmarks. Thoroughly researching these directories facilitates a well-informed decision-making process. Specifically, when seeking a supplier for Rogers 4835T PCBs, it is imperative to scrutinize their quality control protocols, utilization of cutting-edge manufacturing technology, and feedback from previous clients. A meticulous assessment of potential suppliers is essential to ascertain their capability to fulfill project requirements and deliver steadfast support for electronic engineering endeavors.

What is the quote for Rogers 4835T PCB?

Choosing the right Package Substrate is crucial in electronic engineering, and Rogers 4835T PCB stands out for its superior performance. For engineers, however, the concern is not only its performance, but also the best price for obtaining this high-quality product. This article will delve into how to obtain a quote for Rogers 4835T PCB to ensure the best balance between price and performance.

To obtain a quote for Rogers 4835T PCB, it is essential to conduct a thorough comparison among various suppliers. Different suppliers may offer distinct delivery times, service levels, and support, necessitating a comprehensive assessment to establish a market price range and set the groundwork for subsequent negotiations.

Nevertheless, opting for the lowest price alone is not the most prudent strategy. When choosing a supplier, it is crucial to verify that the selected Rogers 4835T PCB meets the specific requirements of the project. Some suppliers offering lower prices may cut costs, potentially compromising material quality or manufacturing processes. Therefore, during the quoting process, prioritize value for money to ensure that the product’s quality remains uncompromised.

Understand production costs and pricing strategies to see if customized solutions are available. Occasionally, a tailor-made order may offer a discount on price and meet the requirements of a specific project.

If your project requires a consistent supply of Rogers 4835T PCB in the long run, establishing a lasting partnership could offer additional benefits. Certain suppliers may offer more adaptable pricing structures for extended collaborations, along with enhanced support and services.

Before reaching a conclusive decision, it is crucial to review feedback from other clients. Examining customer reviews provides valuable insights into a supplier’s reputation and service standards, offering real-world experiences to assist in assessing the reliability and product quality of the selected supplier.

When getting a quote for Rogers 4835T PCB, make sure to focus not just on price, but also on quality and service. By comparing, negotiating and considering long-term cooperation with multiple suppliers, you will be able to find the best price that best suits your project needs, laying a solid foundation for your electronics project.

What makes Rogers 4835T PCB stand out as a Package Substrate?

Rogers 4835T PCB distinguishes itself through its advanced features, such as high-frequency performance, low loss, and exceptional thermal stability. These qualities make it a preferred choice for various electronic applications.

How does Rogers 4835T PCB compare to traditional Package Substrates?

Compared to traditional substrates, Rogers 4835T PCB boasts lower transmission loss, higher signal integrity, and superior thermal conductivity. This positions it as an ideal solution for projects demanding enhanced design flexibility and reliability.

In what applications does Rogers 4835T PCB excel?

Rogers 4835T PCB excels in applications requiring high performance, including communication systems, medical devices, and aerospace technology. Its remarkable characteristics enable it to operate seamlessly in diverse and challenging environments.

What is the manufacturing process of Rogers 4835T PCB?

The manufacturing process involves advanced techniques and precision processes to ensure compliance with stringent quality standards. This process includes the fabrication of both motherboard and substrate, guaranteeing a high-quality final product.

How does Rogers 4835T PCB perform in real-world applications?

Rogers 4835T PCB has widespread applications in communication, medical, and aerospace fields. Its outstanding performance ensures reliable operation in various scenarios, making it a preferred choice for engineers seeking stability and functionality.

Can Rogers 4835T PCB be used in high-frequency applications without compromising performance?

Yes, one of the notable strengths of Rogers 4835T PCB is its suitability for high-frequency applications. Its design and material properties allow it to maintain excellent performance, making it an excellent choice for such scenarios.



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