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What is Rogers RT/Duroid 6002 PCB?

Rogers RT/duroid 6002 PCB manufacturer. RT/duroid 6002 laminates are low loss materials that provide excellent high frequency performance. With excellent mechanical and electrical properties, these materials are reliable for use in multi-layer board constructions.


  • Dielectric constant (Dk) of 2.94 +/- .04
  • Low thermal coefficient of Dk at 12 ppm/°C
  • Dissipation factor of .0012 at 10GHz
  • Low Z-axis coefficient of thermal expansion at 24 ppm/°C


  • Low loss for excellent high frequency performance
  • Tight thickness control
  • In-plane expansion coefficient matched to copper
  • Low out-gassing; Ideal for space applications
  • Excellent dimensional stability

The RT/Duroid 6002 PCB serves as an essential component in the contemporary electronic equipment design landscape, particularly prized for its contribution to miniaturization, high integration, and outstanding performance. This high-performance package substrate stands out due to its unique design tailored to address the pressing needs of today’s electronics industry.

At its core, the RT/Duroid 6002 PCB is a high-frequency circuit board boasting remarkable electrical performance and thermal stability. Crafted with a design philosophy that aligns with the escalating performance demands of modern electronic devices, it has gained widespread popularity in critical domains such as satellite communications, radio frequency amplifiers, and radar systems.

The material structure and manufacturing processes inherent to the RT/Duroid 6002 PCB contribute to its exceptional capabilities, making it a preferred choice for applications where stringent performance requirements are paramount. This circuit board plays a pivotal role in pushing the boundaries of electronic engineering, providing reliability and efficiency in challenging environments.

The material stands out for its unique properties. Its key features include excellent dielectric constant, low loss factor and excellent mechanical stability, enabling more stable and reliable signal transmission in high-frequency applications.

The design goal of RT/Duroid 6002 PCB is to increase integration while reducing size, providing more flexibility in the design of electronic products. The high integration of this Package Substrate allows the circuit board to accommodate complex electronic components more compactly, providing technical support for the miniaturization of equipment.

While pursuing miniaturization, the excellent performance of RT/Duroid 6002 PCB also provides a solid foundation for the excellent performance of electronic equipment. Its excellent performance in high-frequency bands enables it to better meet the stable working requirements of equipment in fields such as communications, medical equipment, aerospace, and more.

The RT/Duroid 6002 PCB serves as a package substrate renowned for its amalgamation of high performance and compact design. It holds a pivotal position in contemporary electronic engineering by offering inventive solutions to address the continually escalating performance demands of electronic devices. Its distinctive design and outstanding performance position it as a favored choice for high-frequency circuit boards across various industries.

What types of Rogers RT/Duroid 6002 PCB are there?

The RT/Duroid 6002 PCB stands out as a highly regarded high-performance Package Substrate within the realm of electronics. Its reputation stems from its exceptional versatility and flexibility across a spectrum of applications.

Functioning as a high-frequency circuit board, the RT/Duroid 6002 PCB finds widespread utility in diverse fields, prominently featuring in communication equipment and radio frequency modules. The array of models and configurations available for this PCB makes it an ideal choice to meet various requirements.

Tailored to specific application scenarios, each model undergoes meticulous formulation to ensure optimal performance within its designated field of expertise. Applications such as 5G base stations and communication network equipment, as well as radio frequency modules like radar and wireless communication modules, all derive significant benefits from the capabilities of the RT/Duroid 6002 PCB.

Different models can be adapted to different frequency requirements, making them ideal for processing high-frequency signals. This is particularly critical in modern electronics, as an increasing number of applications require high-frequency transmission and precise signal processing.

In addition, the RT/Duroid 6002 PCB also supports a multi-layer design, allowing it to accommodate more functions and connections without taking up a lot of space. This makes it useful in miniaturized equipment and high-density circuit board design.

For communication equipment manufacturers and RF application developers, selecting the appropriate model of RT/Duroid 6002 PCB is a critical step to ensure excellent performance and high reliability of their equipment. By fully understanding the characteristics of different models and configurations, you can better meet the needs of specific projects and improve the competitiveness of your products.

Overall, the versatility of RT/Duroid 6002 PCB makes it a popular Package Substrate in today’s electronic engineering field. Its adaptability, high performance and wide range of applications ensure that it will remain one of the first choices for electronic design in the future.

Rogers RT/duroid 6002 PCB

Rogers RT/duroid 6002 PCB

What are the advantages of RT/Duroid 6002 PCB?

In today’s electronic field, RT/Duroid 6002 PCB has become a popular advanced Package Substrate in engineering projects due to its excellent performance and characteristics. Compared with traditional circuit boards, RT/Duroid 6002 PCB presents a series of obvious advantages, providing engineers and designers with a broader space for development.

Excellent electrical performance

RT/Duroid 6002 PCB stands out for its excellent electrical performance. Its design takes into account high-frequency applications, effectively reducing signal transmission losses and providing more stable and reliable electrical performance. This feature makes RT/Duroid 6002 PCB excellent in applications requiring high frequency response, such as communication and radio frequency modules.

Excellent thermal stability

Thermal stability is of paramount importance in numerous electronic devices, particularly in demanding high-load and high-performance settings. The RT/Duroid 6002 PCB stands out for its exceptional thermal stability, proficiently dissipating heat to guarantee sustained stability during prolonged operational periods. This renders the RT/Duroid 6002 PCB exceptionally well-suited for temperature-sensitive applications, including industrial automation and aerospace, where maintaining consistent performance is crucial.

Excellent signal transmission characteristics

In modern communications and data transmission, the quality of signal transmission is critical to device performance. The RT/Duroid 6002 PCB excels in this regard through its excellent signal transmission characteristics. Low transmission loss, high signal-to-noise ratio and superior signal integrity make it widely used in high-demand communication equipment and radio frequency modules.

RT/Duroid 6002 PCB has become the first choice for many engineering projects precisely because of its comprehensive performance advantages. Engineers can rely on its excellence in electrical performance, thermal stability and signal transmission to ensure efficient, stable and reliable operation of projects. This trust is based on actual performance and application cases, allowing RT/Duroid 6002 PCB to win a good reputation in the industry.

Taken together, RT/Duroid 6002 PCB’s excellent performance in electrical performance, thermal stability and signal transmission characteristics make it stand out in engineering projects in different fields and become the leader in today’s advanced circuit board technology. It is widely used in communications, radio frequency and other high-performance equipment, providing electronic engineers with more powerful tools and promoting continuous innovation in the industry.

Why choose Rogers RT/Duroid 6002 PCB?

In today’s ever-evolving electronics field, choosing the appropriate Package Substrate is crucial, and RT/Duroid 6002 PCB has become the preferred advanced option for engineers and designers with its unique characteristics and practical applications in multiple fields.

The uniqueness of RT/Duroid 6002 PCB compared to other Package Substrates is mainly reflected in its excellent electrical properties, excellent thermal stability and wide application in many fields.

The RT/Duroid 6002 PCB stands out for its outstanding electrical performance, specifically tailored to meet the demands of high-frequency applications. With exceptional signal transmission characteristics and minimal loss, it has become extensively utilized in the radio frequency and communication sectors. In comparison to alternative package substrates, the RT/Duroid 6002 PCB offers superior integration and more reliable signal transmission. This establishes a robust foundation for enhancing the overall performance of electronic devices.

Secondly, RT/Duroid 6002 PCB stands out in terms of thermal stability. This enables it to maintain excellent performance under high temperature and high pressure environments, making it suitable for applications under various extreme conditions, such as aerospace and automotive electronics. Compared with other Package Substrates, the stability of RT/Duroid 6002 PCB in extreme environments provides greater flexibility and reliability for engineering projects.

Moreover, the versatile applicability of RT/Duroid 6002 PCB sets it apart across various fields. Whether in communication devices, medical equipment, or military applications, RT/Duroid 6002 PCB proves to be a highly suitable choice. Its flexibility and adaptability make it the preferred option in diverse industries, catering to the requirements of a wide range of projects.

In summary, it is obvious why to choose the RT/Duroid 6002 PCB over other options. Its unique features in electrical properties, thermal stability and multi-field applications make it a leader in the current Package Substrate field. Among many choices, the excellent performance of RT/Duroid 6002 PCB provides a reliable foundation for engineering projects and opens up new possibilities for the innovation and development of electronic equipment.

What is the manufacturing process of RO RT/Duroid 6002 PCB?

This stage takes into account the structure, layering and connection of the circuit to ensure that the RT/Duroid 6002 PCB can perform optimally in actual applications. Design engineers need to precisely consider signal transmission paths, power distribution, and thermal requirements to meet the requirements of a specific application.

The subsequent manufacturing step involves preparing the layers, which includes laminating a substrate coated with copper foil with an insulating material-covered layer. Processes such as lamination ensure a robust connection between each layer, establishing the foundation for the circuit’s stability and reliability.

Following layer preparation, photolithography is employed to project the pattern of the circuit board onto a substrate coated with a photosensitive material. Through the etching process, excess copper foil is gradually removed, forming the wires and connection points of the circuit board. Precision in this phase is crucial to guarantee optimal circuit performance.

The subsequent pivotal manufacturing step involves drilling holes and sockets in the circuit board to facilitate the mounting of components and the establishment of connections between different layers. This step demands highly precise positioning and control to meet design specifications for hole diameter.

To enhance the circuit board’s conductivity, metallization treatment is essential on the surface. Typically, this involves plating a thin layer of metals such as nickel, gold, or tin on the circuit board’s surface to ensure stable and reliable signal transmission.

The final phases of manufacturing encompass component mounting and the ultimate assembly of the circuit board. Subsequent to this stage, rigorous testing and quality control are conducted to ensure that each RT/Duroid 6002 PCB adheres to design specifications and delivers superior performance.

A profound comprehension of the RT/Duroid 6002 PCB manufacturing process empowers engineers and designers to grasp its internal mechanisms, providing robust support for the more effective application of this advanced package substrate. This pertains not only to the circuit board’s performance but also to the stability and reliability of modern electronic equipment.

What role does RT/Duroid 6002 PCB play in practical applications?

RT/Duroid 6002 PCB, as a high-performance Package Substrate, has demonstrated extraordinary application value in communications, radio frequency and other fields. The key role it plays in practical applications will be discussed in detail below.

Communication field

In the field of modern communications, RT/Duroid 6002 PCB is increasingly used in applications. Its high frequency characteristics and excellent signal transmission performance make it the first choice for wireless communication equipment. From 5G base stations to satellite communication systems, the excellent performance of RT/Duroid 6002 PCB brings higher data transmission rates and more reliable connections, meeting the growing communication needs.

In an actual case, a leading communications equipment manufacturer adopted RT/Duroid 6002 PCB to achieve excellent performance in its new generation base station. This advanced Package Substrate provides a more compact and lightweight design while ensuring signal quality, bringing technological innovation to the communications industry.

Radio frequency field

RT/Duroid 6002 PCB is highly valued in RF applications due to its exceptional electrical performance and thermal stability. Its versatility spans a broad range of RF applications, including radar systems and RF amplifiers, making it the preferred material for RF engineers.

A leading company specializing in radio frequency technology has successfully incorporated RT/Duroid 6002 PCB into its latest radar system, resulting in enhanced sensitivity, stability, and increased design flexibility through reduced plate size.

Beyond its applications in communications and radio frequency domains, RT/Duroid 6002 PCB plays a pivotal role in diverse fields such as medical equipment, aerospace, and scientific instruments. Its superior performance and reliability allow it to thrive in complex environments, offering robust support for innovation across various industries.

Through various real-world cases, we have witnessed the successful integration of RT/Duroid 6002 PCB in practical projects. Numerous companies have not only enhanced the performance and reliability of their products but have also streamlined production processes, leading to more competitive product positioning. The adoption of RT/Duroid 6002 PCB has proven to be transformative, serving not just as a circuit board material but as a pivotal element driving technological innovation and industrial advancement. Its extensive application in communication, radio frequency, and other domains has presented unprecedented opportunities and challenges across diverse industries, marking the commencement of a new era in electronic engineering.

How to obtain RT/Duroid 6002 PCB?

Selecting circuit board materials requires careful consideration of reliability and performance. When opting for RT/Duroid 6002 PCB, it is essential to choose a reputable supplier and manufacturer to ensure the success of your project. Here are some recommendations to facilitate the acquisition of a top-notch RT/Duroid 6002 PCB.

Understanding its electrical properties, thermal stability and application areas will help you better choose the right supplier.

First, check out electronic component suppliers in your area or globally. Make sure the supplier has extensive experience and reputation and can provide products related to RT/Duroid 6002 PCB. During this process, our company is also a reliable option to consider.

Many electronic component suppliers offer their products on online marketplaces and electronic platforms. These platforms often have user reviews and feedback systems that allow you to review other customers’ experiences. Make sure the platform you purchase RT/Duroid 6002 PCB from is trustworthy.

Participating in electronics industry exhibitions and trade shows is an additional avenue for identifying trustworthy suppliers. These events offer a platform for direct engagement with suppliers, enabling a deeper understanding of their products, technologies, and services.

Speak with fellow engineers and professional networks to learn about their experiences selecting RT/Duroid 6002 PCB suppliers. Their advice and opinions may provide you with valuable information.

Communicating directly with potential suppliers is a crucial step before making a decision. Ask about their manufacturing processes, quality control measures, and delivery times. Make sure they meet your project needs.

In addition to procuring RT/Duroid 6002 PCB products, it is crucial to thoroughly assess the supplier’s after-sales service, technical support, and warranty policies. This comprehensive understanding ensures continuous support throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Selecting a trustworthy RT/Duroid 6002 PCB supplier is a pivotal decision for project success. By delving into product features, identifying reputable suppliers, and engaging in direct communication, you can acquire top-notch RT/Duroid 6002 PCBs. This strategic approach establishes a robust foundation for your electronic engineering projects.

How to get a quote for RT/Duroid 6002 PCB?

In the realm of electronic engineering, the careful selection of a high-performance RT/Duroid 6002 PCB is paramount, and obtaining an accurate quote is a crucial step for engineering teams and manufacturers alike. This section offers recommendations to ensure the acquisition of top-notch products while effectively managing costs during the RT/Duroid 6002 PCB quotation process.

Before initiating the quote search, it is imperative to have a comprehensive understanding of your project’s requirements. Clearly defining the RT/Duroid 6002 PCB specifications, quantity, delivery timeline, and other essential parameters will enable the provider to furnish a more precise quote.

Selecting a reputable RT/Duroid 6002 PCB supplier is a pivotal measure in guaranteeing the receipt of a high-quality product. Evaluate vendor reviews, customer feedback, and past project experiences to ascertain that you are engaging with a dependable manufacturer.

It is wise to communicate technical requirements with suppliers in advance before seeking quotes. Ensure that both parties have a clear understanding of the technical specifications of RT/Duroid 6002 PCB to avoid later misunderstandings and problems.

Ask suppliers for details about their production processes and quality inspection procedures. A manufacturer with strict quality inspection standards is more likely to provide high-quality RT/Duroid 6002 PCB, ensuring that your project is not affected by defective products.

Generally speaking, the purchase quantity has a direct impact on the quotation. Understand the price changes of different orders of magnitude and make comprehensive considerations based on your actual needs to find the most economical and reasonable quotation.

Negotiating flexible delivery and payment terms with suppliers is crucial in obtaining the best prices for RT/Duroid 6002 PCBs. Some suppliers might offer more competitive rates if you’re open to early payments or multiple deliveries. It’s essential not to settle for the first quote but instead compare quotes from multiple suppliers, weighing the advantages and disadvantages to ensure the most cost-effective solution.

Diversifying your options allows you to make an informed decision, promoting a balance between quality and cost for your project. Additionally, consider beyond just pricing; evaluate the value of additional services that suppliers may provide, such as technical support and after-sales services. These services can significantly impact the success and efficiency of your overall project.

What are the common problems with Rogers RT/Duroid 6002 PCB?

Can you elaborate on the manufacturing process of RT/Duroid 6002 PCB?

The manufacturing process involves precise steps in producing both the main and bottom boards. This includes selecting high-quality materials, using advanced technologies, and employing specific techniques to ensure the reliability and performance of RT/Duroid 6002 PCB in various operating conditions.

How are quotes obtained for RT/Duroid 6002 PCBs, and what factors influence pricing?

Obtaining quotes for RT/Duroid 6002 PCBs involves reaching out to suppliers or manufacturers and providing project specifications. Factors such as board size, complexity, and quantity can influence pricing. It is essential to communicate project details clearly to receive accurate and competitive quotes.

What are common challenges or considerations when working with RT/Duroid 6002 PCBs?

Engineers and designers may encounter challenges related to specific application requirements, thermal management, or signal integrity. Understanding these challenges and considering them during the design phase can contribute to successful implementations of RT/Duroid 6002 PCBs.

How does RT/Duroid 6002 PCB contribute to overall system reliability?

RT/Duroid 6002 PCB’s exceptional thermal stability, signal integrity, and quality manufacturing contribute to overall system reliability. By providing a robust foundation for electronic systems, it helps ensure consistent performance and longevity in diverse applications.

What types of RT/Duroid 6002 PCB configurations are available?

RT/Duroid 6002 PCB comes in various configurations, catering to different applications such as communication devices and RF modules. These configurations ensure adaptability to diverse needs in different industry sectors.

What advantages does RT/Duroid 6002 PCB offer over conventional PCBs?

RT/Duroid 6002 PCB boasts advantages like superior electrical performance, remarkable thermal stability, and outstanding signal transmission characteristics. These features make it a preferred choice for numerous engineering projects.

How can one obtain quotes for RT/Duroid 6002 PCB?

Obtaining accurate quotes is essential for engineering teams and manufacturers. This part provides guidance on securing high-quality RT/Duroid 6002 PCBs while managing costs effectively.



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