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What exactly is Rogers RT/duroid 6006 PCB?

Rogers RT/duroid 6006 PCB manufacturing. Rogers RT/duroid 6006 and 6010.2LM laminates provide high dielectric constants (Dk) to enable circuit size reduction. Both of these materials are low loss, ideal for operating at X-band or below. Additionally, their tight Dk and thickness control deliver repeatable circuit performance.


RT/duroid 6006 laminates

  • Dk of 6.15 +/- .15
  • Dissipation factor of .0027 at 10GHz
  • Clad with standard and reverse treated electrodeposited copper foil

RT/duroid 6010.2LM laminates

  • Dk of 10.2 +/-.25
  • Dissipation factor of .0023 at 10 GHz
  • Clad with standard and reverse treated electrode-posited copper foil


  • High dielectric constant for circuit size reduction
  • Low loss, ideal for operating at X-band or below
  • Tight εr and thickness control for repeatable circuit performance
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Reliable plated through-holes in multi-layer boards

Ro RTduroid 6006 PCB is an innovative high-performance packaging substrate distinguished by its utilization of advanced materials and intricate engineering design. This substrate employs high-performance materials, notably specialized dielectrics like polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and highly conductive copper metal. These materials exhibit outstanding electrical properties alongside exceptional resistance to high temperatures and corrosion, enabling reliable operation across diverse extreme environments.

The engineering design of RT/duroid 6006 PCB is meticulously crafted, considering factors such as circuit layout and inter-layer connections to ensure optimal signal transmission and stability. Precise calculations govern the thickness and structural layout of the copper foil on its surface, facilitating optimal electrical performance and effective thermal management.

RTduroid 6006 PCB is popular because its high performance and reliability make it outstanding in various application scenarios. Whether it is communication equipment, aerospace or medical equipment, RTduroid 6006 PCB can provide stable and efficient solutions for electronic products.

The RTduroid 6006 PCB stands out as a pinnacle in high-performance packaging substrates, born from a harmonious blend of materials and meticulous engineering. Its advent heralds a new era of possibilities within the electronics manufacturing realm, offering engineers and designers enhanced flexibility and boundless avenues for innovation. Delving deep into the intricacies of the RTduroid 6006 PCB allows for a comprehensive grasp of its significance and invaluable contributions to the electronics industry.

Rogers RT/duroid 6006 PCB

Rogers RT/duroid 6006 PCB

What types of Rogers RT/duroid 6006 PCB are there?

RTduroid 6006 PCB, as a high-performance packaging substrate, has many types to choose from on the market. Each type has unique characteristics and applicable scenarios, let’s take a look at it.

RTduroid 6006 PCB comes in various types, each tailored to specific applications. The standard variant offers versatile applicability, boasting exceptional high-frequency performance and stability, making it a preferred choice for engineers and designers across diverse electronic projects.

Furthermore, the high-frequency iteration is finely tuned for applications demanding superior frequency response and minimal signal loss, such as wireless communication and radar systems. Its optimized design caters to high-frequency operations with precision.

Additionally, flexible RTduroid 6006 PCBs cater to projects necessitating bendability and compact mounting options, like flexible electronics and portable devices. Their adaptability to various shapes and sizes while upholding performance standards makes them ideal for such applications.

In summary, the diverse range of RTduroid 6006 PCB types offers distinct characteristics to suit different electronic manufacturing projects. Whether standard, high-frequency, high-temperature resistant, or flexible, engineers benefit from a plethora of options to fulfill project requirements effectively. Choosing the appropriate RTduroid 6006 PCB type lays a robust foundation for project success and optimal performance.

What are the advantages of Ro RT/duroid 6006 PCB?

As a packaging substrate, RTduroid 6006 PCB stands out among many competitors, and its advantages are obvious. Below we will reveal the unique features of RTduroid 6006 PCB compared to other packaging substrates and the reasons why it is so popular.

RTduroid 6006 PCB is known for its excellent performance. Compared with other packaging substrates, it can provide a higher frequency range and lower losses, making electronic equipment more stable and reliable when working.

RTduroid 6006 PCB has excellent dielectric properties, which means it provides lower transmission losses and better signal integrity in high-frequency applications. This makes the RTduroid 6006 PCB ideal for many applications requiring high frequency transmission.

RTduroid 6006 PCB is able to maintain stable performance under extreme temperature conditions, which makes it perform well in various harsh environments. RTduroid 6006 PCB works reliably, whether in the high temperatures found in industrial environments or in the extreme temperatures found in aerospace.

The RTduroid 6006 PCB is highly valued for its robust mechanical strength and stability, capable of enduring external shocks and vibrations. Its resilience makes it a sought-after option for applications demanding reliability and longevity. Widely utilized in communication equipment, radar systems, and satellite communications, it also finds extensive use in medical, aerospace, and automotive electronics. Its versatility makes it a top pick for many engineers and designers due to its exceptional dielectric properties, high-temperature performance, and wide applicability. Considering these attributes when selecting a packaging substrate ensures sustained stability and reliability for your project in the long term.

Why choose Rogers RT/duroid 6006 PCB?

Among the many packaging substrates, why are more and more people choosing RTduroid 6006 PCB? What are the unique features of RTduroid 6006 PCB that make it the first choice in many industries? Here are a few key reasons:

RTduroid 6006 PCB is known for its excellent performance and stability. It has lower transmission losses and higher signal integrity than other substrates, making it excellent in high-frequency and high-speed applications. This high performance and stability is one of the reasons why RTduroid 6006 PCB is favored in many fields.

RTduroid 6006 PCB boasts exceptional electrical properties, characterized by a low dielectric constant and minimal loss tangent. These attributes ensure signal integrity and stability, particularly in high-frequency settings, thereby establishing a dependable framework for electronic equipment operation.

RTduroid 6006 PCB is extremely adaptable and can meet the needs of various industries and applications. Whether it is communication equipment, satellite technology or medical equipment, RTduroid 6006 PCB is capable of providing reliable solutions for various applications.

The manufacturing process of RTduroid 6006 PCB adopts the most advanced processes and technologies. From material selection to production process, they are strictly controlled and tested to ensure that each RTduroid 6006 PCB meets high quality standards.

The RTduroid 6006 PCB stands out for its exceptional performance and stability, coupled with its remarkable cost-effectiveness. Its pricing is notably more competitive compared to other substrates of similar high performance, rendering it an optimal selection for numerous projects. In summary, the RTduroid 6006 PCB has emerged as the preferred option across various industries and applications, owing to its superior performance, stability, versatility, and affordability. Its unparalleled electrical performance and advanced manufacturing processes solidify its prominent status within the realm of electronic manufacturing, delivering dependable solutions for a wide array of projects.

How is Rogers RT/duroid 6006 PCB manufactured?

The manufacturing process of RTduroid 6006 PCB is a precise and complex project, which involves multiple steps and highly specialized technology. Let us understand how RTduroid 6006 PCB is manufactured.

The manufacturing process of RTduroid 6006 PCB begins with material preparation, typically involving high-quality glass fiber reinforced polyimide substrate material. These materials undergo stringent quality inspection and precise proportioning to ensure the performance and reliability of the final product. Following material preparation, the polyimide substrate undergoes pre-treatment to achieve the required plate size and thickness. This process employs specialized equipment to ensure flatness and accuracy. Subsequently, panels are formed into specific shapes and sizes using advanced forming technology to meet customer specifications and design requirements. Precision machining and cutting equipment are often utilized in this step to ensure exact panel dimensions and shapes.

Next comes one of the most critical steps – printed circuit production. At this stage, a layer of metal conductors will be coated on the surface of the board through printing technology for connecting electronic components. This process requires precise control and highly professional operations to ensure the quality and stability of printed circuits.

Subsequently, the unnecessary portions of the metal conductors will be removed through techniques such as chemical etching to form a complete circuit connection pattern. This step requires precision operations and strict quality control to ensure the accuracy and reliability of circuit connections.

Finally, the RTduroid 6006 PCB is subjected to final processing and finishing through surface treatment and packaging. This includes anti-corrosion treatment of circuit board surfaces, printing of logos and product information, and final packaging and packaging.

To sum up, the manufacturing process of RTduroid 6006 PCB involves multiple steps and highly specialized techniques. Each step requires precise control and strict quality management to ensure the performance and reliability of the final product.

In what fields is Rogers RT/duroid 6006 PCB used?

RTduroid 6006 PCB is extensively utilized across various industries owing to its exceptional performance and reliability. In the realm of communications, it is favored for wireless communication equipment, satellite communication systems, and base station equipment due to its superior high frequency characteristics and signal transmission efficiency, meeting demands for high-speed and stable data transmission. In aerospace applications, RTduroid 6006 PCB serves as a cornerstone in critical components like radar, navigation, and communication systems, excelling in high temperature environments and ensuring signal integrity in extreme conditions. Within medical equipment, it contributes to the stability of devices such as medical imaging, life support, and monitoring systems, thus underpinning the reliability of healthcare services. In military and defense, it finds extensive use in radar, communication, and navigation systems, offering robust performance in harsh combat environments with its high temperature resistance and anti-interference properties. In automotive electronics, it enhances the intelligence and reliability of key components like navigation, entertainment, and communication systems, meeting stringent stability and durability requirements. In summary, RTduroid 6006 PCB’s widespread adoption across communications, aerospace, medical, military, and automotive industries underscores its pivotal role in advancing modern technology through its unparalleled performance and dependability.

How to find a reliable RT/duroid 6006 PCB supplier?

Securing a reliable supplier for RTduroid 6006 PCBs is paramount for our company, and we stand out as the preferred option for numerous compelling reasons. To begin with, we have built an exceptional industry standing over many years by consistently delivering top-tier RTduroid 6006 PCBs renowned for their superior quality and reliability. With decades of experience, we possess a profound comprehension of our clients’ needs and are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of excellence.

Furthermore, our manufacturing procedures and quality control standards undergo meticulous examination to ensure the dependability of each RTduroid 6006 PCB we provide. Through the utilization of state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated machinery, we consistently enhance our manufacturing techniques to align with the changing requirements of the industry.

Choosing us as your RTduroid 6006 PCB supplier also means gaining access to professional technical support. Our experienced engineering team provides comprehensive assistance from design to production. Whether you’re new to RTduroid 6006 PCBs or need a customized solution, our experts offer expert guidance and support.

Moreover, fostering robust customer connections lies at the heart of our business philosophy. We place a premium on customer focus, actively engage in understanding their requirements, and endeavor to forge enduring alliances. Our committed customer care team remains at the ready to attend to inquiries, resolve concerns, and ensure a seamless buying journey.

To summarize, opting for our company as your RTduroid 6006 PCB provider ensures access to high-caliber, reliable products, supported by expert technical assistance and exceptional customer care. Let’s collaborate to realize triumph in the realm of electronic manufacturing!

What is the price of RT/duroid 6006 PCB?

RTduroid 6006 PCB, as a high-performance packaging substrate, its price directly affects the project cost and product feasibility. So, what prices and services can you find on the market? let’s see.

RTduroid 6006 PCB prices vary based on supplier, specifications and customization needs. Typically, prices vary based on the following factors:

Specifications and sizes: RTduroid 6006 PCB with different specifications and sizes will have different prices. Larger, more complex boards will generally be more expensive.

Production Quantity: Mass production usually reduces the cost per unit. Therefore, large quantity orders may receive more competitive prices.

Technical requirements: If the project requires special technical requirements or processing techniques, it may affect the price. For example, if special lamination techniques or special metallization are required, costs may increase.

In the marketplace, a diverse range of prices and services can be found for RTduroid 6006 PCBs. Some vendors may prioritize offering premium-quality boards at higher costs, while others might provide more economical options, albeit potentially compromising on quality.

To secure the optimal price and service combination, it’s advisable to engage in thorough market research and comparison. Engage with multiple suppliers to grasp their pricing strategies, manufacturing capabilities, and service standards. Additionally, it’s crucial to select a dependable supplier to ensure both product excellence and punctual delivery.

In essence, the pricing of RTduroid 6006 PCBs is influenced by numerous factors, with a plethora of options available in terms of pricing and services. Through diligent comparison and selection of the right supplier, one can obtain the most competitive rates and top-notch product quality.

Rogers RT/duroid 6006 PCB FAQ

What is RT/duroid 6006 PCB?

RTduroid 6006 PCB is a high-performance package substrate used in electronic manufacturing. It offers superior performance and reliability compared to traditional substrates.

What types of RT/duroid 6006 PCB are available?

RTduroid 6006 PCB comes in various types tailored for different applications. These types cater to diverse electronic manufacturing needs, providing engineers with flexibility.

What are the advantages of RT/duroid 6006 PCB?

RTduroid 6006 PCB offers several advantages, including high performance, stability, and reliability. Its advanced technology ensures longer product lifespan and improved efficiency.

Why should I choose RTduroid 6006 PCB over other substrates?

RTduroid 6006 PCB stands out for its exceptional performance and versatility. It is the ideal choice for projects demanding stringent stability and performance requirements.

Where is RTduroid 6006 PCB commonly applied?

RTduroid 6006 PCB finds applications across various industries, from communication devices to medical equipment. Its adaptability makes it a preferred solution for diverse electronic products.

What sets RTduroid 6006 PCB apart from other substrates?

RTduroid 6006 PCB stands out due to its high-performance characteristics, offering superior reliability and stability compared to traditional substrates. Its advanced design and material composition contribute to its exceptional qualities.、

How is RTduroid 6006 PCB manufactured, and what makes its production process unique?

The manufacturing process of RTduroid 6006 PCB involves advanced technologies and stringent quality control. The unique combination of materials and precise manufacturing steps contributes to its superior performance and reliability.



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