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What is Rogers RT/duroid 6035 PCB?

Rogers RT/duroid 6035 PCB Manufacture. The RTduroid 6035 PCB stands out as a top-tier technology in the packaging substrate market, leveraging cutting-edge materials science and engineering advancements to revolutionize electronic device manufacturing. It is widely recognized for its exceptional performance and is considered a benchmark within the industry.


  • Dielectric constant of 3.50 +/- .05
  • Dissipation factor of .0013 at 10GHz
  • Thermal conductivity of 1.44 W/m/K at 80°C
  • Thermally stable low profile and reverse treat copper foil


  • Low electrical loss
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Stable dielectric constant (Dk) over wide frequency range
  • Low outgassing for space applications

The core behind this packaging substrate technology is the precision design and manufacturing of its materials. RTduroid 6035 PCB uses advanced composite materials with excellent electrical properties, thermal stability and mechanical strength, and can maintain stable performance in various extreme environments. Whether in high-frequency communication systems, aerospace applications or medical equipment, RTduroid 6035 PCB has demonstrated excellent performance and has become the first choice in many industries.

The core behind this packaging substrate technology is the precision design and manufacturing of its materials. RTduroid 6035 PCB uses advanced composite materials with excellent electrical properties, thermal stability and mechanical strength, and can maintain stable performance in various extreme environments. Whether in high-frequency communication systems, aerospace applications or medical equipment, RTduroid 6035 PCB has demonstrated excellent performance and has become the first choice in many industries.

RTduroid 6035 PCB is unique in its superior packaging capabilities and applicability. Whether in high-frequency circuit design, microwave technology or RF communication systems, RTduroid 6035 PCB is able to provide excellent performance and meet stringent engineering requirements. Its excellent material properties and precise manufacturing process make RTduroid 6035 PCB one of the first choices for design engineers and manufacturers.

The RTduroid 6035 PCB signifies a breakthrough in packaging substrate technology, embodying advancements in materials science and engineering. Positioned as a frontrunner in electronic equipment manufacturing, it sets a new standard with its continuous innovation and optimization. By leading the way in packaging substrate technology, RTduroid 6035 PCB promises to deliver even more advanced and dependable solutions to the global electronics industry.

What types of Ro RT/duroid 6035 PCB are there?

As a trailblazer in packaging substrates, RTduroid 6035 PCB comes in various variants, each tailored to address distinct application demands. Let’s delve into these variants and their attributes.

Initially, RTduroid 6035 PCB types can be categorized based on diverse materials and layers. These variations can differ in functionality and intent, necessitating the selection of the appropriate type for precise applications.

One prevalent RTduroid 6035 PCB variant is distinguished by dielectric material classification. Based on medium characteristics, RTduroid 6035 PCB divides into two categories: high-frequency and conventional media. High-frequency mediums typically exhibit reduced dielectric losses and enhanced signal transmission rates, rendering them suitable for high-frequency communication and RF applications. Conversely, conventional media are better suited for general electronic equipment manufacturing, boasting a broader application spectrum.

Another crucial classification is hierarchy-based. RTduroid 6035 PCB can manifest as single-layer, double-layer, or multi-layer configurations, each offering unique benefits and application scopes. Single-layer structures are apt for straightforward circuit designs, cost-effectiveness, and facile manufacturing. Double-layer configurations afford more circuit connectivity options, catering to general electronic device fabrication. Meanwhile, multi-layer setups suit intricate circuit designs, enabling heightened integration and performance optimization.

Moreover, RTduroid 6035 PCB can be categorized according to utility and distinctive features. Certain variants may possess protective attributes ideal for harsh environments, while others may exhibit specialized conductive properties suited to specific industrial or scientific applications.

Overall, the diverse array of RTduroid 6035 PCB variants ensures versatility across industries and application domains. Whether in telecommunications, medical, aerospace, or military sectors, a suitable RTduroid 6035 PCB variant can be found to fulfill design requisites.

By comprehending the distinct RTduroid 6035 PCB variants and their characteristics, we can adeptly select packaging substrates conducive to particular projects, thereby enhancing product performance, reliability, and facilitating successful project execution.

Rogers RT/duroid 6035 PCB

Rogers RT/duroid 6035 PCB

What are the advantages of Rogers RT/duroid 6035 PCB?

RTduroid 6035 PCB stands out as an advanced packaging substrate technology, boasting numerous advantages that position it at the forefront of the electronics industry. Its most notable features include exceptional high-frequency performance, reliable signal transmission, and superior mechanical properties. Specifically tailored to meet the escalating demands of modern communication and wireless sectors, RTduroid 6035 PCB excels in high-frequency circuits due to its unique material properties and process enhancements, guaranteeing steadfast stability and signal integrity.

Secondly, RTduroid 6035 PCB has stable signal transmission capabilities. In electronic equipment, the stability of signal transmission is crucial, and RTduroid 6035 PCB can provide reliable signal transmission guarantee. Whether in high-frequency or low-frequency environments, RTduroid 6035 PCB can maintain stable signal transmission and ensure excellent device performance.

In modern electronic devices, packaging substrates must not only possess outstanding electrical properties but also demonstrate robust mechanical strength and stability. RTduroid 6035 PCB, leveraging advanced materials and processes, excels in both realms, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging environments. Its superior high-frequency performance, stable signal transmission capability, and excellent mechanical properties have made it the preferred choice in packaging substrates across various industries, including communications and wireless technologies. Professionals and enterprises rely on RTduroid 6035 PCB to enhance device performance and ensure stable operations, cementing its position as the premier option in the field.

Why choose Rogers RT/duroid 6035 PCB?

The RTduroid 6035 PCB is increasingly favored in the dynamic electronics industry for its exceptional performance, reliability, and unique features. Its high-frequency capabilities make it ideal for applications like wireless communication, radar systems, and satellite communication, ensuring dependable signal transmission at elevated frequencies. Moreover, it offers excellent dielectric properties and minimal loss, reducing energy loss during signal transmission and improving overall system efficiency. Alongside its performance attributes, the RTduroid 6035 PCB demonstrates robust mechanical properties and thermal stability, enabling reliable operation in challenging environments. This versatility has propelled its widespread adoption in demanding sectors such as aerospace, automotive electronics, and medical devices.

As an advanced packaging substrate technology, the manufacturing process is precisely designed and strictly monitored, ensuring product stability and consistency. This commitment to quality provides users with greater reliability, long-term stability, and ultimately reduces system maintenance costs and risks.

In summary, the RTduroid 6035 PCB is the preferred choice for professionals and enterprises due to its exceptional performance, reliability, stability in harsh environments, and meticulous manufacturing processes. Its advantages in high-frequency applications and commitment to quality contribute significantly to its pivotal role in driving innovation within the electronics industry, allowing products to stay ahead of the competition and meet high customer demands for performance and reliability.

What is the process of manufacturing Rogers RT/duroid 6035 PCB?

The manufacturing process of RTduroid 6035 PCB begins with the meticulous selection of high-quality PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) raw materials, ensuring consistency and reliability through rigorous screening and testing. Subsequently, an advanced die-casting process is employed to laminate PTFE and fiberglass cloth under high temperature and pressure, forming a solid substrate structure that crucially determines the board’s thickness, density, and internal structure, impacting its dielectric and mechanical properties.

Surface treatment and machining follow, with special chemical treatment and mechanical processing ensuring a smooth, clean surface with excellent adhesion. This treated surface provides a solid foundation for subsequent processes such as printing and gold plating. Advanced printing technology is then utilized to meticulously print the circuit pattern on the board’s surface, requiring high-precision equipment and superior technology to guarantee accuracy and stability. The final step involves cutting the sheets into the desired size and shape through a forming process, meeting the design requirements of the RTduroid 6035 PCB.

Finally comes detection and testing. The manufactured RTduroid 6035 PCB needs to undergo strict quality inspection and performance testing to ensure that it meets the design requirements and standards. Including appearance inspection, dimensional measurement, electrical performance testing and other aspects to ensure product quality and stability.

Overall, the manufacturing process of RTduroid 6035 PCB is a precise and complex process that requires a high degree of professional knowledge and technology. Through strict material control, advanced preparation technology and precise testing methods, the high performance and reliability of RTduroid 6035 PCB are ensured, providing high-quality solutions for various applications.

What are the application areas of Rogers RT/duroid 6035 PCB?

RTduroid 6035 PCB, an advanced packaging substrate technology, boasts versatile applications across various industries, making it a preferred choice in many sectors. Particularly prominent in communications, it serves as a linchpin in 5G systems, satellite communication gear, and radar setups, thanks to its stellar high-frequency performance and stable signal transmission attributes, catering to a spectrum of needs from high-speed data transfer to intricate signal processing. Beyond communications, it finds extensive utility in aerospace, meeting stringent demands for lightweight yet high-performance electronic components in avionics and satellite systems. Moreover, its stability and reliability render it indispensable in medical equipment, while its resilience to high temperatures and vibrations makes it a go-to option in automotive electronics. Similarly, in industrial control applications, its swift signal transmission and dependability ensure smooth system operation. In essence, RTduroid 6035 PCB stands as a cornerstone across numerous sectors including communications, aerospace, medical, automotive electronics, and industrial control, owing to its exceptional performance and reliability, thereby contributing significantly to the advancement of modern technology.

Where can I find the Rogers RT/duroid 6035 PCB?

Our company offers a comprehensive one-stop service for those interested in purchasing or learning more about RTduroid 6035 PCBs. As suppliers of RTduroid 6035 PCBs, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality packaging substrate technology and providing extensive support and services to our customers.

Whether you require bulk orders or smaller quantities, we can accommodate your needs efficiently. Customers can easily access the RTduroid 6035 PCBs they require through our online platform or by reaching out to our sales team for a swift and convenient purchasing experience.

We specialize in crafting customized solutions to meet the distinct needs of each client, whether it’s adapting sizes, materials, or enhancing performance. Backed by a dedicated technical team, we provide extensive support and consulting services, guiding customers through product selection, offering design insights, and addressing any application-related inquiries with expertise and efficiency.

You can easily obtain relevant quotation information through our online platform or contact our sales team. We will provide competitive prices based on your needs and order volume to ensure that you get value-for-money packaging substrate products.

We are committed to providing customers with high-quality RTduroid 6035 PCB products. Through strict quality control and testing processes, we ensure that every package substrate shipped from the factory meets industry standards and customer requirements, providing customers with reliable product guarantees.

What is the quotation for Rogers RT/duroid 6035 PCB?

As an advanced packaging substrate technology, the price of RTduroid 6035 PCB is affected by many factors. Understanding these factors and obtaining a reasonable quote is critical for buyers. Here are some pointers to help you get the best value for your money with the RTduroid 6035 PCB.

One of the major costs of the RTduroid 6035 PCB is the material cost. Prices for different materials will vary, and the high-performance materials that the RTduroid 6035 PCB may use are generally more expensive. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the balance between price and performance of the chosen material.

The process used to produce the RTduroid 6035 PCB will also have an impact on the final price. Complex processes may require greater investment in manpower and equipment, thereby increasing costs. At the same time, high-quality workmanship can ensure product quality and stability, but it may also lead to higher prices.

Order quantity is another important factor affecting the price of RTduroid 6035 PCB. Usually, bulk orders can enjoy lower unit prices, while small batch orders may have higher unit prices. Therefore, the relationship between cost and demand needs to be weighed when formulating order quantities.

First-class technical support and service usually increase the price of the product, but also provide better after-sales guarantee and support. Considering that RTduroid 6035 PCB may involve high-end applications and complex designs, it may be wiser to choose a supplier that provides high-quality technical support and services.

Market competition plays a crucial role in determining the price of RTduroid 6035 PCBs. With multiple suppliers vying for business in the same market, prices tend to become more competitive. Hence, comparing prices and services offered by different suppliers is essential when seeking reasonable quotes.

By comprehensively considering the above factors and communicating and comparing with multiple suppliers, buyers can better understand the price range of RTduroid 6035 PCB and ensure they get a package substrate that is worth their money.

What are the common problems with Rogers RT/duroid 6035 PCB?

What are the common issues encountered during manufacturing?

During the manufacturing process of RTduroid 6035 PCB, issues such as material defects, delamination, or improper curing can arise. These may affect the overall quality and performance of the substrate.

How does RTduroid 6035 PCB handle high-frequency applications?

While RTduroid 6035 PCB is renowned for its high-frequency performance, challenges may arise in maintaining signal integrity and minimizing losses, especially in complex circuit designs or under extreme environmental conditions.

Are there any thermal management concerns with RTduroid 6035 PCB?

Due to its high thermal conductivity, RTduroid 6035 PCB generally exhibits excellent heat dissipation properties. However, in applications with demanding thermal requirements or uneven heat distribution, thermal management issues may need to be carefully addressed.

What measures can be taken to address compatibility issues with other components?

Ensuring compatibility with other components and materials in the system is vital for the seamless integration of RTduroid 6035 PCB. Issues such as differences in thermal expansion coefficients or impedance mismatches may require careful design considerations and testing procedures.

How does RTduroid 6035 PCB handle high-frequency applications?

One common question revolves around the performance of RTduroid 6035 PCB in high-frequency applications. Exploring its capabilities in managing signal integrity and minimizing interference is essential for those considering this technology for such applications.

Are there specific environmental considerations for RTduroid 6035 PCB?

Environmental factors can significantly impact PCB performance. This FAQ aims to address concerns about RTduroid 6035 PCB’s resilience in varying environmental conditions and how it copes with factors like temperature, humidity, and more.



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